Celo Identity

Celo Identity


Develop a solution which uses Celo Identity. The new version of Celo Identity uses “issuers” to map phone numbers to wallet addresses instead of relying on Validators. This allows many more players to offer the secure mobile identity verification service.

Mobile-first is Celo’s defining characteristic and how we approach real world use cases. This bounty asks for a product or service to be developed with a phone number to wallet feature in order to enable easy mobile payments between your users.

This Bounty will run on a full semester basis and can be submitted individually or in a team as a repo on Github.

What you need to submit

  1. Github Repository of your solution
  2. A clear and detailed README


Read up on Celo’s identity mechanism here.

Fork the full repo here and understand the identity contracts here. Celo identity is also available as a npm package here. It is up to you how this service will be used.

Once you are comfortable with the general concept of Celo identity, brainstorm a few possible use cases and reach out to TC Dong to discuss project scope and auxiliary events such as a tech workshop to kick off the project.

The Bounty will kick off once scope, timeline and final deliverables are agreed upon. You will receive the Reward once all deliverables are met.

How it works

  1. Read up on Celo identity
  2. Discuss Bounty scope and deliverables with us
  3. We verify your deliverables at the end of the time period
  4. You get $CELO for completing the bounty