Celo Speak

Celo Speak

“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.” ~ Rob Brown

Celo aims to empower our community to independently create their own events through providing expertise upon request. We have technical, financial and program experts for speaking at University Blockchain Clubs, Lectures, Conferences and local Meetups (in person speaker only).

For those in our community working on their own initiatives, sign up to speak about your work!

Our Experts

We are slowly building a global database of Speakers to cater to our local communities!

Browse speakers by name, position, location, language(s), and areas of expertise.

Speakers Database

Have something to share with the community?

Request for Speakers

Let us know what type of event you would like to hosted and we will connect you with a Speaker based on availability. Availability is affected by topic choice and desired date of event.

Content Database

Below are publicly available content for use in community events. Please follow our Event Kit guidelines and use responsibly!

The Event Kit provides Storytelling tips and blank deck templates to tell your own story.

Celo Presentation Decks

On the Horizon

Keep an eye on this space for public presentation sessions.