Celo University Guild
Celo University Guild

Celo University Guild

Welcome adventurers to the Celo University Guild! Whether you are simply curious or the seasoned Blockchain veteran, everyone can find a home and activity in our Guild. Host events, connect with others, rise through the ranks and reap the rewards!

Are you passionate about talking and learning about Blockchain and Celo? Curious to build, research or become an entrepreneur? Apply now!


Applications accepted on rolling basis. Apply now!

Guild Ranking & Description

Baby Bonsai
Entry point after application approval and annual points reset. Join the Guild Discord channel and start connecting with institutions around the world. ** Some institutions may have public events and their own programs and offerings.
0 points
Wood Wide Web
Starting to learn, network and grow through hosting some small events and solo endeavours ** Rewards starting from this Rank. In order to be eligible for financial based rewards, KYC must be completed for all members receiving financial rewards!
100 points
Elden Tree
Becoming independent. Hosting larger events and group projects
200 points
Lord of the Wilds
A leader, creating events for others, participating in governance and forming formal partnerships. Speak to us about creating your own Guild!
400 points

Guild Activity

Resources are provided here for members to be as independent as possible. However, please feel free to reach out to a Celo Guild organiser or other Guild members if you are in need of help. A good place to get help is the Discord channel.

Guild Activities

Points System

  • Points are continuously added and promotions occur as soon as the required number of points is reached.
  • Points are reset every Academic year - 1 September.
  • Universities may show evidence of past collaboration and receive all points upon sign up.

Rewards System

Rewards are awarded in 3 different ways:

  • Activity Reward - Some activities have reward packages associated with the event (eg. large Hackathons get a 10k cUSD sum) - Check the individual Guild Activity tabs.
  • Rank Reward - Lump sum rewards upon reaching each new Rank in the Guild
  • Bounties - Temporary rewards given to incentivize and balance activities across the Guild. These rewards change given the overall current needs and events globally.

Note: Individuals or institutions must complete KYC to be eligible for financial rewards!

Rank Rewards

Baby Bonsai
POAP - Baby Bonsai
Wood Wide Web
POAP - Wood Wide Web 1000 cUSD / cEUR
Elden Tree
POAP - Elden Tree 3000 cUSD / cEUR
Lord of the Wild
POAP - Lord of the Wild 5000 cUSD / cEUR

Note: We welcome consortiums of schools, however rewards follow a different structure which is tailored per consortium


Hackathon Technical Mentor
Mentor at another institution’s Hackathon for 500cUSD per Hackathon. Must be Technical mentorship. Must have at least 2 or more people signed up as mentors to the Hackathon.
Every startup referred by an institution which enters the Celo Ecosystem through a Celo Affiliated incubator program (eg. Celo Camp), VC Fund (Flori) or Collective is eligible for receiving 500cUSD to the startup and 500cUSD to the referring institution.
Large Hackathon organization
For large Hackathons with special requirements, specific items and additional budget may be granted upon approval by the Celo Foundation

Mess Hall Banter

A list of possibly useful resources

Knowledge Chest