Activity Description

Education is the transfer of knowledge - no matter the form. It can be open source - Github, MOOC, or specialised - workshop, masterclass or lecture. Celo endeavours to provide resources to empower the transfer of knowledge in every context.

Publicly available education content

Celo publicly provides content through partners and custom development. This content may be used by community members in their own teaching events either entirely or partially. Please give credit where it is due through a simple mention.

Request Speakers

Celo is able to provide expert speaker to attend a workshop or guest speak in a lecture through the Celo Speak initiative.

University Partnerships

Celo is open to contributing to formal Certifications, professor and student led courses or Partnering to bring Blockchain education to an institution. Please reach out to your Celo Guild contact to discuss.

Points Allocation

Proof of Success
Host a “large” education series independently or with one of our educational partners about Celo. (20+ participants, 5+ sessions)
• Name of Celo Partner / Educational series • Overview / syllabus of education series • Photos of participants and education activity
Host a small education series independently or with a Celo partner
Same as above
Create a MOOC or public educational content which features a Celo project
100 as long as content is publicly available
• Link to public content • License of public content
Integrate Celo into a course taught by a professor and contains at least one piece of work focused on Celo. Must be part of formal institutional programming.
50 per semester course is taught
• Name of professor / course leader • Formal course syllabus