Activity Description

Turn your ideas into reality. Celo welcomes startups that are aligned to our mission - financial inclusion and sustainability. Whether or not you are building on the Celo Blockchain. Celo provides a few pathways to incubate and accelerate startups but you are always welcome to integrate Celo into existing local programs.

Celo Founders Resources

Celo Foundation offers a variety of Founder Resources to support Founders from idea conception to VC funding rounds. For Founders with a Celo-native idea, the Celo Founders Programs are:

Celo Collectives

Founders building on other chains, but are mission aligned, are welcome to join a Celo Collective.

External Incubators & Entrepreneurship Programs

Plug Celo into your local Incubators and Entrepreneurship Programs. Support startups to take the first step with Celo.

For specific needs in establishing a partnership with an existing local program, please let us know on Discord, Community Office Hours or reach out to a Celo member directly.

Points Allocation

Proof of Success
Startup joins any Celo Founders Programs (Celo Camp, Pathways).
30 per startup
Name(s) of Startup
Climate Collective or Alliance for Prosperity member
Name of Startup in Climate Collective or Alliance for Proposerity
Signed Partnership Agreement with local program
Automatic on conclusion of contract signing
Celo based startup launched from local program
15 per startup
Name(s) of Startup, evidence of funding efforts