Activity Description

Turn your ideas into reality. Celo welcomes startups that are aligned to our mission - financial inclusion and sustainability. Whether or not you are building on the Celo Blockchain. Celo provides a few pathways to incubate and accelerate startups but you are always welcome to integrate Celo into existing local programs.

Celo Founders Resources

Celo Foundation offers a variety of Founder Resources to support Founders from idea conception to VC funding rounds. For Founders with a Celo-native idea, the Celo Founders Programs are:

Celo Collectives

Founders building on other chains, but are mission aligned, are welcome to join a Celo Collective.

External Incubators & Entrepreneurship Programs

Plug Celo into your local Incubators and Entrepreneurship Programs. Support startups to take the first step with Celo.

For specific needs in establishing a partnership with an existing local program, please let us know on Discord, Community Office Hours or reach out to us directly.