Activity Description

Create an event where Celo is discussed. All event types are welcome - social, technical, presentation, masterclass. Celo will support events with speakers and, possibly coming soon, event swag.

Note - for the Speaking category, in order to prevent repeated, small events attended by the same group of people, points for small Speaking events can only be claimed a maximum of 5 times per year.

Celo Speak

Celo Speak is the platform where students are able to request a speaker for their event. Speakers are allocated based on availability. For in person events, the requester negotiates directly with the speaker regarding travel and accommodation.

For larger events, it is also possible to request swag in the form of T-shirts, stickers and possibly custom goodies. Catering and other events assistance must go through approval of the Celo events team.

City Meetups - upcoming

Informal City Meetups may occur when there are enthusiasts, Founders and other Celo members in a locality gathering for drinks or snacks. Currently no material support from Celo Foundation, only suggestions may be provided about any Celo community members in the area.

Points Allocation

Proof of Success
Large Celo themed event (50+ participants)
• 2 or more event announcements on different platforms (virtual or physical) • Photo or screenshot of number of participants • Photos of Celo presence at event (eg. participants in swag)
Small Celo themed event (Less than 50 participants)
• 1 event announcement • Photo or screenshot which captures number of participants
Any event with some Celo representation
Name(s) of Celo Participant

Note: Any one association / group of people are limited to 1 Speaker Request per semester or 4 requests annually.