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Celo Ambassadors is a community-driven initiative helping grow and support the Celo Ecosystem of Developers, Designers, Dreamers, and Doers around the world.

Ambassadors play an important role in Celo’s mission of bringing open financial tools for prosperity for all by introducing and onboarding communities by hosting events, creating content, and managing community online and in person.

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Ambassador Roles

Ambassadors directly impact their community in a variety of ways. You can contribute by in one of these ways or propose your own role based on what you think is needed to grow a resilient ecosystem!


Create Content

To educate and onboard people into Celo


Host Local Meet Ups

Grow in person community by hosting events


Translate documents

Make Celo more accessible in your language


Technical Ambassador

Help onboard developers into the Celo Ecosystem


Community Manager

Create community online in discord, telegram, and social media


Propose Your Idea

University Ambassadors, Alliance Activation, and more!

Ambassador Benefits

Ambassadors are part of a vibrant network and ecosystem around the world who are passionate about the Celo Mission.

Attend monthly Ambassador calls to connect and exchange ideas and connect
Work closely with members of the Celo Foundation and the Celo Community
Receive grants to support you work, learn and earn for your contributions to the ecosystem
Get invited to special events and conferences, surprise swag, and more

Ambassador Process

Selected ambassadors are invited to join 3 month cohort and get a grant stipend to focus on a variety of activities to build community and onboard people into the Celo Ecosystem.

Suggested Ambassador Activities

👋 Organize online/in person meetups

📱 Organize Twitter spaces, manage local social media

👥 Host technical workshops, help onboard developers

📝 Create educational material, blogs, videos, twitter threads

Creating a scoping document

After you fill out the application, we’ll be in touch to create a scoping document with activities that you will focus on. Ambassadors can work alone or apply in groups.

Reporting and Invoicing

Ambassadors report on the activities they worked on and invoice monthly using Request Network. Grants are paid in cUSD or CELO to the ambassador’s Celo Wallet Address.

Apply to be an Ambassador

Global Ambassador Network

Celo is a vibrant and global community and we invite ambassadors from all around the world to apply and start local ecosystem nodes. We’re looking forward to having nodes all across the map!