1. We build trust with each other and our communities.

We believe trust is a product of transparency and openness. We are committed to building a culture of transparency by providing frequent reports and updates and giving greater insight into decision making processes. We also support openness by sharing feedback often.

  1. We enable our community to take agency over their unique purpose.

We believe that our community’s capacity to maintain agency over their unique paths of growth comes from our mutual responsibility to build coalitions to do so. We are committed to prioritizing work, understanding the trade-offs, and building highly collaborative teams to achieve combined goals.

  1. We strive for excellence

We are rigorous and thorough in our work to consistently deliver high-quality output. Our work is grounded in data and facts.

  1. We approach our work and relationships with humility and integrity

We seek out different perspectives and are honest regarding our work and impact. We are accountable and comfortable in being proven wrong and actively commit to making changes when necessary in the service of empowering users and builders within the Celo ecosystem. Rather than short-term fixes, we look for long-term solutions that minimize risk and promote prosperity for all.

  1. We embody creativity and vision.

Creativity is seeing something that doesn’t exist and having the vision and leadership to bring it forward. We encourage new ideas and creative solutions to current challenges

  1. We support bringing our whole selves to work.

Wholeness is not just how we show up; but is also tied to humility. It’s an end state and we take steps toward achieving wholeness by being inclusive and considerate of each other.

  1. We make space for fun and whimsy.

We recognize that in order to promote engagement and prevent burnout, we need to find joy in our work. Taking time for breaks, socializing, and team building activities are essential.